Vintage Oaks
Horse Farm

1274 Oakwood Rd
New Freedom, PA

Christopher Robin

vintage oak horse farm goldie 2007 Registered Half Welsh Gelding  
Foxcry Whinney The Pooh x Woodlands WhatAFilly
Currently measures 13 hands and growing
Christopher Robin aka "Robin" has all the potential in the world and is well on his way to becoming an outstanding show pony.  He not only boasts a great pedigree but has the talent to back it up.... 10 + movement, big scopey step, awesome jump, good lead change, and a great brain to top it off.  Also very correct with clean legs, so he will model too! We have taken him to quite a few horse shows and although still green, he has proven to be very brave to the jumps and requires little prep.  

He is quiet enough for short stirrup, talented enough for the greens/regulars and willing to take a kid from one to the other.

Currently, he is being happily ridden by novice and beginner riders with good schools in between.  He LOVES to go out cross country and is good with dogs, children, golf carts, tractors, etc.... Robin is an all around fun guy to ride and have in the barn! Contact us for more information about this pony.


Vintage Oaks Horse Farm Vintage Oaks Horse Farm Vintage Oaks Horse Farm
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